dear diary…serial stories and scandals was revamped to satisfy a strong guilty pleasure – soap operas. I love them! Some folks consider the genre to be tacky, poorly written, melodramatic, unbelievable, etc and I say to them – yes it is and that’s exactly why I love them. Watching daytime soaps (“As The World Turns”, “Guiding Light”) with my mother definitely planted the seed for a life long love affair with the genre but it was the night-time soap, “Dallas” that brought my love to full bloom.

Sue Ellen Ewing, stumbled around South Fork ranch full of gin and hate because her husband, J.R., copped a feel with any bimbo he liked – even Sue Ellen’s sister, Kristin (who later would be the center of the best cliffhanger in television history)! The spin-offs came in droves and I watched them all. If something brings one pleasure why deny it simply because it isn’t brilliant? Or is it brilliant? Shakespeare and the Greek playwrights are the godfathers of the soap opera, they just didn’t have the term yet. (I can hear  you scoffing readers.) 🙂

Well whatever the reason for my strong love for these ridiculous tales, I am inspired to write every day and am having a real hoot doing so. I scribbled below some real gems for which I am a fool for.

Lifetime’s Pick-a-Flick-Friday



Knots Landing

Coronation Street

Anything with Morgan Fairchild

Footballers’ Wives

Star Magazine


the OC

Melrose Place

Silk Stalkings

the Odyssey


Mob Wives

Downton Abbey

the Forsyte Saga

Game of Thrones

The Sopranos