Ah! I have done it again or rather I didn’t do it. Although I have been working on several versions of the same chapter, I have not posted in far too long. There is a reason, I promise, well there are a few.

Go Sounders!

Obafemi Martins, Seattle Sounders (image, associated press)

It had been a long time goal (Ha! Ha! Excuse the pun.) of mine to follow international football and American soccer.  As a native Midwesterner, I’ve been a long time fan of the National Football League (NFL), but it wasn’t until I came down with the flu in April of this year and missed a full week of work that I was able to indulge in watching the afternoon and early evening matches of the English Premier League (EPL), the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA Championship League) and the start of the MLS (Major League Soccer) season.

The matches were incredible. They move much faster than an NFL game and the athleticism is beyond belief. I had never been more pleased to be so ill in my life. The only problem was that I was a little stupid about the rules/regulations/culture/teams/ the whole lot of it was a huge mysterious puzzle. So while lying on the couch, laptop on lap, to Google I went entering into the search bar, various names of English teams, what the hell was meant by ‘they won on aggregate’, how the world cup was determined and so many other pieces. Well now I have a slightly better understanding of the game and am enjoying it to the point of obsession (I mean, I’m writing a blog post about it!).

Now it is mid-June and since the EPL has concluded its season, I’m indulging in the MLS matches, the World Cup qualifying games and the FIFA Confederations Cup. Today, I’ll have the opportunity to enjoy watching the double header, Mexico vs Italy and Spain vs Uruguay. But I’m highly anticipating the USA team’s road to Brazil match on Tuesday. Below is one my favorite players and the captain of the national team,  a Texan with a seemingly charismatic nature, Clint Dempsey. But then there is also the local flavor on the USA team, Federal Way, WA native Eddie Johnson, also a Seattle Sounder, scored one of the two winning goals against Panama last week in Seattle and the stadium was on fire! That game put the USA team at the top of the Hexagonal (Google it!).

Okay, now it’s back to writing the next chapter..Well maybe after one or two more matches!

Eddie Johnson, score 2nd goal, USA vs Panama, World Cup Qualification match, Seattle, WA

Eddie Johnson, scores 2nd goal – USA vs Panama, World Cup Qualification match, Seattle, WA (image, getty images)


Dempsey mocks a Jamaican player, during the CONCACAF World Cup Qualification match. (images, sb nation)


Dempsey, USA vs Costa Rica – CONCACAF World Cup Qualification match, Denver, (image, reuters)