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I have to confess…Perfect Pop has taken a back seat to…now I know that I completely bought this book because Keira Knightly is playing her in the film so to look all learned, I downloaded it to my Kindle – Anna Karenina. I love Lifetime for Godsakes, is anyone really that surprised?

But at any whoozies…thus far, it is really really really good . The characters truly walk off the page drunk and ride in to work with me. It is one of those reads in which you simply do not want to put it down! I’m only 20% through the novel and so far am very impressed.

Aside from the book and getting more to my interest in wanting to read said book, Banana Republic also is excited for Keira Knightly’s most talked about role. I live in Seattle and while on the bus on the way home from work, I noticed that Banana Republic had devoted an entire collection to the book/film. Most of the retro collection, which was met with mixed reviews, seems to rely on black sheath lace dresses, pencil skirts, and shimmery tops  accompanied with faux fur stoles, capes, neck warmers , vests, etc. I have yet to actually view the collection in person for fear of walking out of the preppy store with every faux fur accoutrement available! (Yes, she likes herself some fur!)

Sneak Preview: I’m not worried about this minor setback because the Russian designer, Rada Belov (Part 1, Chpt. 5, Kimono Tease),  meant to collaborate with Perfect Pop’s anti-herione, Nora, will come to life in Part 3.  Through Tolstoy’s 19th century story, I can stand to learn quite a bit about Russian human nature and culture and therefore breathe life into my aristocratic character.

Here are some images I found perusing the web. In case you missed them, I’ll let you all be the judge!




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