The presidential election is over so I thought I could follow suit by having a “little election” of my own. Below, take a look back with the following quotes from your favorite or most hated Perfect Pop characters.

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The poles are open!

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Chpt 1 Lizard Lady:  “You have no right to know what he said, you cracked dried witch!” he finished. Paulie to Nora

Chpt 2 Always: Flowers would be worse than the slap she’d already been given. Jewelry or a new dress, I’d only destroy again. And sorry was a pathetic man’s excuse – my excuse. Ian about Nora

Chpt 3 Pinhead: Jackson eyed his competition, then slapped it out of Nora’s hand. The white salad plate lost its balance causing spoonfuls of sauerkraut, now stained with mustard, black slices of bread, and the greasy meat and cheese pile to splatter senselessly onto the cold stone floor.

Chpt 4 The King: He was not in the mood to negotiate nor was he ever going to let that Irish mongrel get away with destroying his life.  Robbie Johns to Nora about Ian

Chpt 5 Kimono Tease: Dropping down on one knee, he asked her to become his bride. Nora pulled her lazy kimono tightly about her then slammed the champagne. Wiping her tears she leaned over wrapped her arms around Jackson’s neck and assured him that she wanted nothing more than to become his wife. Nora to Jackson

Chpt 6 (pt 1) December: Prospect Park: “I know he’s your brother mate, but to come out onto the Holy Grail and play pansy with his new boyfriend, it just ain’t right, is it?”

Holding himself firmly, Ian shifted himself left, and pissed down the front of George. Ian and George at a football match. 

Chpt 6 (pt 2) December: No Sleep ‘til Park Slope: Hearing his sweet invitation, she was tempted to say yes and end the entire charade with Jackson. She imagined running off to the green hills of Ireland, eating and fucking their way across it. Nora after Ian’s Christmas invitation.

Chpt 7 Happy Christmas: “If you want my advice, I think you should keep her. She looks good on your arm and her ambiguous ethnicity still keeps you in the game,” Penny Dresser illustrated to Jackson then wound her thick blonde hair into a messy bun. Penny to Jackson after Nora is found cheating

Chpt 8 Bed-Stuy, Do or Die: “And who did you think of when you let me stick my hands up ya, only minutes after watching me assault your fiancé?” he accused, “admit who you are and spare the rest of us your bullshit!” Ian to Nora

Chpt 9 Fantasy Football “What?” she interrupted,”you mean to tell me that you went to jail over a made up football league?” Nora to Ian after she bailed him out of jail.

Chpt 10 The Realm: “I want to be responsible for putting someone on the map. I want to be the catalyst in transforming a career, a life,” he spoke as a philanthropist. Robbie Johns about Nora

Chpt 10 The Realm: “I see the way you look at her,” she interrupted, “don’t you even try to deny it. At Christmas time, condoning her sort of behaviour and what exactly for I am still not sure of. Is that what you want, to have an affair?” Sara accused. Sara to Nigel about Nora

Chpt 11 The First Snow: …he looked down in horror to see his girlfriend cowering under him. Ian after hitting Nora

Chpt 12 Cleanliness is Next to Godliness: … it was a good thing that I was a beautiful child because God had left me with little else. Nora’s mother about Nora

Chpt 12 Cleanliness is Next to Godliness: Staring at the startled look in the mirror, I had hoped that the water, like the pink suds, would have washed away the red and bruises. Nora after waking up atEvan and Paulie’s

Chpt 13 Batboy: “Well maybe you’ll think of that the next time you bury your fist into someone’s face,” Evan hissed. Evan to Ian (while in jail)

Chpt 13 Batboy: He pressed his face to her nose and mouth; she was barely breathing. He called 911. Jackson to Nora

Chpt 14 (pt 1) St. Mary’s: Her stomach was pumped of its entire contents, alcohol and xanax. About Nora

Chpt 14 (pt 2) AT&T: …”I had fooled myself into thinking that his unbridled anger was what made him a man.” Eva St. Clair when firing Nora

Chpt 14 (pt 2) AT&T: The two fell over and landed in a heap on the ground. Rising to her knees, Sara got hold of Nora underneath her arms and tried dragging her down the street. Nora and Sara fighting

Chpt 15 Down and Out in Gramercy Park: “I threw you away like you were nothing. I let you murder our child. How is it then that when you see me, you can manage a smile?” Nigel asked and offered her the drink. Nigel to Nora